Year R September 2020

RKW/HW Classroom tour

Take a look around your new classroom. Which part do you think you would like to explore first?

New to year R summer bingo board

Hello, we've created a bingo board of activities to do over the summer if you wish. Have a wonderful break everyone and we look forward to seeing you in September.


Mrs Lane introduces you to her classroom.

Can you learn our 'wash your hands ' song?

Mrs McIntyre shows you where the toilets are in our rooms and shares her song with you.

Too shy for show and tell

A story about a giraffe who's feeling a little bit shy at school. We can't wait to see you share your box with class just like Sam does in this story.

'All about me'

Mrs Watts shares her 'All about me' box, do you think you'll be able to make your own version to share with your class when we start school?

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